You are too afraid to tame this crippling fear

Of what may happen if you dare

You resign to taking a backseat

And building castles in the air

You convince yourself you’re not good enough

This is as good as it gets

You tiptoe through life, casting your dreams aside

Shutting down your plans to dare

You think it’s too risky to leave the comfort zone

And dare all alone

You prefer to believe your self-inflicted wounds 

You backed yourself into a corner, devoid of all hope

Intent on shrinking your goals

The years pass by, but you’re still restless

You backpedalled; now you wonder

What if I dare and find what I want?

You pay mind to the nagging thought: why not?

Bridging the gap between dare and forget

You’ve lived a succession of battles

Mostly fought in your inner terrain

You fabricated a gamut of excuses

Suddenly you wonder, if you were sick or leaving for good

Wouldn’t you ask yourself, Why didn’t I dare?

You still worry about those who love to find faults

They’ll ask you, “How can you dare?”

Tell them fear is your driving force

There’s no way except to fall and get up again

And when you finally dare, you feel like you’ve hit the right key

Put the car in the right gear

Steered the long boat safely to shore

It all falls into place; you were right—you can!

The time has come for you to dare

Be humble; you’ll get what you want at last

Believe; don’t accept one iota less

You have everything you need; now dare!

by Eliane Rabello


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