Rise No Matter What (*Rise)


You dread to leave your bed in the morning. You’re afraid of how the day will unfold. Life hasn’t come out as planned. You got caught up in the past and banned your hopes.
The future seems hazy and daunting. Your tunnel vision hinders a 180 degrees change with aplomb. By your own decree you fossilized your dreams; that’s how it seems.

Only you can slay all the dragons in your mind. You may not beat the demons, but you can rise in spite of them and soar. Your strengths outweigh your weaknesses; otherwise you wouldn’t be alive.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes and be humble to accept the fate. Without the pain you endure, you won’t savor the good times. The pitfalls you face are the breeding ground for the new times.

In time there will be the quitters who didn’t withstand the heat. There will be the naysayers who tried to weaken your resolve and cheat. And there will be you: The one who resurrected the faith and annihilated the doubts. Take care of your thoughts and always Rise against or despite all odds.          –Eliane Rabello

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