Against or Despite all Odds (Prose Poem with audio.)

Photo by Tomu00e1u0161 Malu00edk on

You dread to leave your bed in the morning. You’re afraid of how the day will unfold. Life hasn’t come out as planned. You got caught up in the past and banned your hopes.

You allowed fear take up residence; believing ‘you can’ was too much arrogance. You fossilized your dreams by all means.

You know there is an expiring date; life will cease one day. But before that time arrives, we can change the game no matter the age. So, why wait?

Don’t set a date; just begin from a clean slate. It’ll be better than you imagined, for now, you won’t run away. There’s a new you coming alive, one who resurrected the faith and annihilated the doubts.

Take care of your thoughts; they call the shots. Stand your ground, bend but don’t break. Let nothing weaken your resolve this time. Make sure you will against or despite all odds.


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