Inside my Mind (Acrostic Prose Poem with audio.*Rise)

  -Acrostic Poem-

Average people like me don’t reach higher places in life.

Because I always believed in some nonsense like this I

Carried my whole life as if I were unworthy of trophies and the like.

Disgusted by my own criticism and low self-esteem.

Engaged in an adventure where I’d hide no more.

Found a good number of people who felt like me.

Gathered my dreams and decided to take the flight.

Harsh criticism covered encouraging remarks.

Inflicted questions about whether I should go on made me back out.

Just one more time, I told myself,

Keen on what I should work on.

Let the gut feeling I could win once more return. 

Memorized all the lessons I learned.

Never expected to find an easy outcome.

Open to new adventures, I recharged my trust in me.

Persevered despite the countless times, I failed so badly.  

Quit no more was my new mantra, backed up by an earnest belief,

Rested in hope that I could achieve my goals if only I withstood the heat.

Satisfied even when it seemed I was going nowhere.  

Tried my best despite all the insecurities threatening to take the floor.

Unsure if my attempts would one day bear fruit.  

Valued my strengths, paid no mind to the usual doubts.

Winners in life are those who found their ways by trial and error.

X-rayed every enterprise so they wouldn’t overlook the most important details.

Yield no more was what I finally decided. 

Zestfully I embraced a new era in my life. I finally understood I’m more than I gave myself credit for. Everything I sought outside was already inside my mind.



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