Unexpected ( Short Story Excerpt with audio.) *Rise

A downpour struck the city early on Saturday morning, and by nighttime, the odor of dampness still permeated the air. Customers came into the restaurant holding dripping umbrellas and taking off their overcoats. Amanda sat at a table in the back; despite Ethan’s offer to take her somewhere more sophisticated, she’d picked a place she was used to—one she frequented. If their date didn’t end well, she wanted to be on her turf.

As much as she wanted to meet Ethan again, she didn’t think their conversation would be easy. Her hands shook; she chewed on her lower lip, and the knot in her throat was the size of a boulder. Holy mother of Christ! It’s happening. What will he think of me? What if…She stopped herself. It was too late for regrets. Just face it and go on with your life. You never needed anybody before. It’s not going to start now… (*Rise)

Would you like to continue reading the love story between Amanda and Ethan and discover what ‘Unexpected’ is all about? Buy Rise, a motivational book that will rock your world and make you feel that you too can rise.



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