Keep Your Faith (Prose poem with video and audio.)

Will my wish come true?

When? Today? Someday?

Will it live up to?

What will I go through?

Will it be great or a mistake?

If these questions are navigating your mind.

Patience is not your strongest suit; it’s the plain truth.

If such is the case, you’re probably losing faith.

Therein lies the catch; you’re missing the point.

It’s all about the wait.

It’s precisely because it’s taking long.

That it’s fated to take place.

It’ll make what you want strong all along.

It’s merely a test to check if that’s what you really want.

Will you have the backbone to bear the wait?

If you do, you’ll leapfrog the stepping stones.

In the end, attitude is the name of the game.

As long as you keep your faith.


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