How Much Do You Want That? (Prose Poem with audio.*Rise)

dreamstime_m_16144615 When you were a child, you didn’t imagine the world was so hard.

You created scenarios, and dreams seemed easy as pie.

You grew up and discovered life hits below the belt.

It pulls the rug from under your feet and makes you bleed.

You asked yourself, “What’s the point?”

Something else came along.

You got lazy and lost track of time.

You put your dream on hold; maybe one day, you’d make it work.

There are things you believe you can achieve despite the odds.

Yet you don’t speak of them.

You fear some might say you can’t reach that high.

You keep a low profile; silence becomes your best friend.

You convince yourself no one has to know you think you can.

That dream you had is still at the back of your mind.

It all boils down to one question then:

How much do you want that?

Life throws you curves and tests you.

You never know how to handle the next blow.

They say steel has to be heated to the melting point before it can be tempered.

Life works the same way.

Everything you can’t understand is indeed part of the plan.

Don’t give up.

Start over.

Dawn always brings the morning light.

It’s time to turn the tables. Do you still want to fulfill that dream?

Ask yourself: how much do you want that?

The road to success is slippery.

Sometimes your efforts will lead to a dead end.

Turn back and find another exit; it might be just inches ahead.

No one can achieve success without failure.

It’s a prerequisite in life.

In time you’ll discover there are three kinds of people in the world:

Prey, survivors, and predators.

Where do you fit in the great web of life?

Is this all you want, or is that dream you had still alive?

How much do you want that? Answer that question if you dare.

It’s time to act instead of hiding, believe instead of doubt.

No one can make it happen for you or prevent you from winning your prize.

Stop trying to change the past; the present is your best chance.

Step up to the fight. Use obstacles as trampolines to reach your dreams.

In the end, you’ll learn that whatever your dream,

Winning depends on how long you can stand the fight.

If you want it so much, you’ll get it. Don’t lose sight.

Convince yourself you want it more than you are afraid of it.

And just keep trying till you get it right.

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