If Not Now, Then When? (Prose Poem with audio.)


It’s January.
You’re packed with lots of plans for the year.
You won’t lose time anymore. Victories are near.

February. You have the whole year ahead.
You got it all figured out. This time you won’t dread.

March. You promised yourself you’ll stand the heat.
It’ll be an amazing feat.

April. Time flies. You’re outlining your goals.
It’s important not to leave holes.

May. You’re not late. You’ll get it straight.
It’ll be worth the wait.

June. There are still many months to come.
You’ll play it right; it’ll be awesome.

July already. How long do you still get?
You won’t cower down anymore. Don’t fret.

August. You just have to get a move on.
It’s not like the year is gone.

September. You haven’t begun. What happened now?
Did you forget your vow?

October. Are your plans for this year dead?
No. It’s just time that sped.

November. Never mind. A new year will begin. You’ll cheer up again.
All you have to do is decide when.

December. Time for new ideas and much more.

But didn’t you say that before?

This is the same old story; you’ve already wasted years.
All the more reason for you to switch gears.

Days turn into months and then years; do you wanna keep shedding tears?

Think ten years ago; what did you know?
Think ten years from now, what will you sow?

New opportunities arise every day.
If you pay attention, one might already be on your way.

Ask yourself, what do you want?
Don’t let regrets come back to haunt.

Stop building castles in the air; just dare.Why?
Because if not
now, then when?






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