What are the Chances? (Prose Poem with audio.)

What’s on your mind right now?

Certainties or doubts?

Will it work? Will I succeed?

What are the chances indeed?

Is courage fading, or is fear in control? Both, I suppose.

You’re not alone. Everybody is afraid of the unknown.

You crave chances, but are you ready today, come what may?

Wanting is not enough; you need to know your stuff and get tough!

Don’t regret chances missed, begin again, and insist.

Come out of your shell as well; it’s not over yet. You bet!

Are you willing to roll the dice and pay the price?

It needs to be like air, do you dare?

Take the first step, power up, and play fair.

You’re a winner in the making; the prize is yours for the taking.

Try with all your might; let nothing fall behind in your fight.

If fear threatens to arise, keep it at bay. No way!

Chance favors the prepared mind, so learn the ropes.

And keep your hopes high.

It’ll pay even with delays.

You wonder, ‘what are the chances?’

If you walk the talk and do your job, they’re great! Embrace!

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