-Inspiration and motivation-

The videos below are proof of how much we sell ourselves short. Some portray people who went through the proverbial twists and turns of life but still persevered. Others are injections of inspiration and motivation to help us overcome low self-esteem.

Life is no walk in the park. It isn’t fair for most of us. Problems hit below the belt when we least expect. However, if we stick around and stand our ground, we may not only accomplish our dreams but also help others with their ordeals.

First, you’ll see a video showing titles of motivational prose poems from my book Rise. They’re meant to help you reflect on several subjects. You can read some of these poems on the main page of the Blog.

Second, you’ll watch a TED talk with Amy Purdy. Her journey is remarkable, to say the least. Watch her dancing afterward. It’s jaw-dropping.

Finally, you’ll keep watching countless motivational videos. Everybody needs a reminder that life is tough, but we can become tougher and rise. It’s belief that gets us there. Don’t forget that.

Make things happen!

These are titles of my motivational prose poems in my book Rise. You can read some on the main page of the Blog. Check them out.